Get Your Email Campaign Opened

The amount of data available on best practices for email marketing  can be overwhelming – for every answer, there’s a compelling reason why it’s now wrong!

For example, ongoing digital marketing data shows that we should send our email marketing campaigns mid-day, mid week for best open and click through rates.

However, even newer research is demonstrating that more and more people are reading their emails later at night than ever before on their mobile devices.  

Think less Netflix and chill, more Netflix and checking emails, Facebook, and Insta and Snap stories.

With our rapidly evolving social and tech sphere, marketers must continuously analyze the best ways to reach our audiences. 

However, your answer usually won't be found in the data. It will come by carefully considering the demographics, habits, and lifestyles of your audience. 

Here’s what ongoing research tells us: 

Mid-week, mid-day. Traditionally, digital marketers have favoured Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, either between 9-11am or 1-3pm.  

For a few years now, Mailchimp has recommended 2pm as the best time to send email newsletters.

Avoid weekends. The majority of marketers avoid sending eblasts over the weekends. People are busy, and it's assumed your email will be low on their priority list. This includes Fridays, too. People are tired and they're itching to head into their weekend activities. As for Mondays? No one wants to add to the Monday doldrums with yet another email. 

Here’s what I say - Know Your Audience.

If you want your email opened, you must strongly consider the following. 

Who is your audience, what kind of schedule do they keep, and when do they check their emails? 

Depending on your audience, you could easily throw the traditional marketing guidelines out the window. 

For example, sending an eblast on a Friday night could mean a certain ‘DELETE’ for a financial planner, but for the entertainment industry, it could be the opportune time to inform your audience of the best things to check out over the weekend. 

Be specific and get down to the nitty gritty. Consider the age group, device preferences (work laptop or mobile phones) and even the climate your audience lives in. For example, a rainy, blustery Vancouver weekend could mean that more folks would be apt to check their emails. 

Consider when your audience wants to think about what it is you're saying. If your target audience is Moms who work from home, you might not want to send your email at 8am - prime school drop-off time.

No matter what you do…

Make sure your email blast is mobile-friendly! 

Track, test, and monitor your results ongoing. Marketing without metrics is like driving with your eyes closed. 

I suggest A/B testing your send times, and consider divvying up your mailing list into different demographics if you have them. Perhaps you’ll want to send your list of retirees your newsletter around 10am mid-week, and you’ll want to send your young, tech-obsessed crew one later in the evenings. 

And, it should go without saying, but.. make sure your email campaign is relevant, interesting, and looks good. Even the best sending strategy won't compensate for a bad email. 

The consumer tells us what they want. It's just up to us to listen - and deliver.

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