Arlene Dickinson at the Port Theatre in Nanaimo

Arlene Dickinson is a mother of 4 children, a Canadian author, entrepreneur, television personality, and venture capitalist. She is CEO of Venture Communications and is represented by CBC Television as a self-made multi-millionaire. We were fortunate to have her visit Nanaimo as part of our Speaker Series and have her share some of her lessons on leadership (and life in general) she has learned along the way.

My biggest takeaway from Arelene Dickinson’s presentation, were her lessons in leadership she learned from the front lines in Afghanistan when she was invited to speak to the troops in Khandar.

The general addressed the troops, saying:

1) I may not always know the answers, but I am fighting alongside you and will communicate everything I know to you.
2) We chose YOU – YOU are the best person for the job.
3) Focus, and be present. If you are not fully here, you risk the lives of others as well as yourself.
4) What are you doing COUNTS. You have a purpose, what you are doing, and what we are doing as a team, has meaning – to the people of Afghanistan, and also to those back home in Canada.

Arelene was greatly inspired by his message to the troops, and brought the same concepts home to Canada with her.

How would your organization change if you relayed those same messages to your team? 

Thank you to sponsors of this event, The Nanaimo Daily News, Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation, the Coast Bastion Hotel, MNP, and to the Port Theatre.