The windows in the city of Rome...

As I walked the streets of Rome, there were times I hardly noticed the sights and the people; instead my attention was drawn up to the windows of the old, old buildings.... I pictured countless generations of people looking outwards onto the streets below. In Rome’s rich history, who had lived there? What had they seen?

I felt their love, I felt their pain. I tried to hear their stories. 🙏🏻 🇮🇹

Understandably, being in a European country brings up endless opportunities for travel writing and photography; however.... I realized that the topics of interest remain the same, no matter where you go.

And that is - the human experience. 

As we do the writing and content creation for our marketing, as we write our blogs and our social media posts, let us find ways to share what life is like for us. 

Don't be afraid to dig deep and make the connection. Trust me when I say that the relationship you'll build with your audience, and the results you'll gain from your content creation will be 100% more impactful when you make it a bit more personal. 

Thanks for reading.