The 60 Minute Digital Detox

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Keep your devices in tip-top condition – and protect yourself  - by cleaning up your digital junk this fall.  Even more stressful than a sluggish browsing experience, is an ‘insufficient storage’ message – and there’s simply no need for it. Take one hour to clean up your digital footprint and detox your devices -  you’ll be thankful you did!

Make security a priority

Using strong and unique passwords isn’t enough – you need to take measures to ensure that your digital footprint isn’t leaving traceable steps in the wrong places, if you catch our drift. Unknowingly, many of us have accumulated years worth of files, data, and documents stored on our devices with sensitive information. Regardless of whether you have anything to hide, any personal data is a liability - the less that is out there, the better off you are.

Step #1: Ditch the devices you don’t need

First, address what you can see – and no longer need.  The box of old floppy disks in your office? Dispose of them! Old computers, video game consoles, cell phones, you name it – be sure to back up any info you might need off these first, and dispose of them responsibly.

Step #2: Go through your documents

Pore through the documents folders on your devices, and destroy any medical, banking, student, or government records with your personal information on them that you no longer need. Pare down your sensitive data to only what you really need – and back those up to the cloud or an external hard drive.

Step #3: Clean out your inbox and storage accounts

 Your email is a gold mine to the hacker – not only can they access your personal information, but often they can retrieve valuable info about others, too. Delete the emails you don’t need with sensitive info, and don’t forget about your old accounts (Hotmail, anyone?). Next, check your online storage accounts – Dropbox, Google Drive, you name it – and delete, delete, delete.

Step #4:  Update your software, and eliminate programs you no longer need

Older software is more vulnerable to attack. Make sure all of your programs are up-to-date, and delete any of the subscriptions, programs, or apps that you no longer need.

Final steps? Clear your browsing history and curate your feeds – for a speedier, streamlined, user experience next time you log on. If you’re feeling really motivated, clean, sanitize, and polish the outside of your devices too! Clean while you charge with this go-to, PHONESOAP.

 It's good practice to trim the fat out of your digital life regularly - so carpe diem and clean house!

There are tons of other ways to maximize space and keep your assets safe in the digital sphere. What are your suggestions? Let us know! 

Thanks for reading. 

Your Marketing Geek,