How to Stand Out on Social

We Work, Valley Towers in the Silicon Valley

We Work, Valley Towers in the Silicon Valley

Hi Friends!

How is your 2017 going so far? 

As most of you know, we work with real estate agents and teams across Western Canada - and the market was INSANE last year. Which means that any 'extra' marketing projects are taking place right now as we experience a seasonal lull across the board. Call me a geek - but I love this stuff. 

Turning up our marketing strategies for 2017,  the ONE major thing I'm telling clients...

"You don't need to create... you just need to document."

This thought originally came from an article I read by Gary Vee, here.

What do I mean by this? Whatever you're doing, chances are you've got your phone glued to your hip anyways (or maybe you're even staring at it already). So pull it out, and take a photo. Think about it for a second, and if you think it's interesting, tells a story, or provides value to your audience online in some way, tag it appropriately and post it. 

And for my clients who are too busy or too technologically disinterested (it's ok if that's you - I'm disinterested in a lot of things, too) to post it themselves, they might swoosh it over to me to edit, write about, and post. 

Better yet? Turn it into a blog post, providing value to your audience, and share that on social. (Don't worry, people can help you with that, too!) 

This perspective of looking at content creation just takes the pressure off. 

So how does this benefit your business?

Original content is KING when it comes to your SEO and Google Rankings. Google rewards sites that have new content, even sometimes penalizing sites which have too much duplicate content.

From the perspective of your social media and blog audience, having content come from YOU whenever possible, woven in with thoughtful blogging,  lends the authentic, real feeling that our over-saturated, over-selling marketplace CRAVES. Blogging and microblogging provides value, keeps you top-of-mind, and keeps it real with your audience. 

Think of your Facebook feed - who would you rather work with? The guy who lets you in, post by post, and provides value? Or, the guy awkwardly hawking his wares from the corner? We can't forget the first word of social media - put it into practice. 

Do it to connect - and do it to stand out. 

Some people, like my Dad, are natural-born documenters  // CARMEL, NEW YEARS DAY 2017

Some people, like my Dad, are natural-born documenters  // CARMEL, NEW YEARS DAY 2017

How is YOUR brand story being told on social? And how's that blog looking?

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