This Week in Social Media Updates - What Advertisers Need to Know

Because you're busy people - and it's a Saturday - I'll keep this brief. Here are just some highlights of what happened this week across social:

Facebook has given users MORE control over the kinds of ads they see in their newsfeeds; including the ability to stop seeing ads from businesses or organizations who have added them to their customer lists. (This put onus on advertisers to be more interesting and relevant!!!)

MORE ADS ON SNAPCHAT - hmmm - might be a risky move given the recent integration of Stories on Insta?

Instagram utilizes Facebook algorithms to sort relevance on Instagram stories - those NEW, short videos on Instagram will be sorted in order based on whose content you interact with on Facebook as well. This is really important to know! Good reason to use both platforms.

The Federal Trade Commission is tightening up advertisers who utilize social media influencers to promote their products or services - sponsorship must be clearly disclosed and displayed.
Facebook begins to roll out new publisher tools for 360 video - incl. guide and heatmap. As well, new audience and engagement metrics will soon be available for video - great news!

Wishing you a GREAT weekend!

Elle Campbell